Adult Choir

Information for prospective members

The choir is a traditional, robed, Anglican Parish Church Choir. We sing four-part music, and are affiliated to the RSCM. We sing weekly on a Sunday morning, and at a Choral Evensong once a month. In addition, on special church days, we sing at an evening service - there are about eight of these a year.

Rehearsals are on Friday nights (currently 7-8 pm), in the church.

Service times are:-

We get through a lot of music. In 2016, the adult choir sang 74 anthems, and led the congregation at 83 services in both the liturgical music, and in 212 hymns (28 of which had descants). It is an impressive tally, so prospective members either need to be able to sight-read decently well, or be an active learner: we have a ‘reading club’, and some of our members use online resources to help learn the music.

Our expectation is that you will be able to attend regularly. You need to be committed, although the exact attendance may vary from person to person. The expectation would be at least 75% of rehearsals and services. Christmas and Easter are important!

You would need to be able to indicate in advance your attendance for the month.


Come and try it: The best way to find out if the choir is for you is to suck it and see: phone or e-mail in advance, and come along to a Friday practice.

Please try not to be late!

the south half of the choir
The south half of the choir at a recent wedding


The choir is like a family to me. We’re all different backgrounds, but we have great fun together. I love singing - it’s uplifting, spiritually and emotionally, and a good aerobic workout, too!”

I enjoy it, and the contribution we makes to the worship at services”

We are a friendly lot, and enjoy singing”

“I enjoy choral singing, learning a wealth of new music, improving my sight reading and gaining confidence”

“It’s my way of praising God and it always makes me feel good.”

“I enjoy learning and singing. I am surprised, but it is fun.”
“It is good to make a contribution to the life of All Saints.

“I love singing, and particularly enjoy the music.”

“The cameraderie of the group, and the uplifting feeling you get while singing.”

2019 official photo of the choir