Children’s Choir

Information for prospective members

Please follow this link to view pictures of the choir and its activities in a typical year.


The children’s choir, at Stamford All Saints’ Church, was re-established in September 2014. The choir has steadily grown in numbers over the first two years and there are currently sixteen members.

joseph 1
Singing “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The purpose of the choir is to lead the worship at the church. The choir is a traditional, robed, Anglican Parish Church Choir. We sing sacred music, and are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music.

3 new choristers

Three new choristers

There is also an adult choir at the church, and the two join together on special occasions.

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The intended age range is approx. 7-12 year olds: teenagers should be able to make the transition to the adult choir. There are currently thirteen members in years 3 to 7 (Key Stage 2 and 3). The intention is to increase that to about 16-20 members over the coming year.

Dates and Times

Rehearsals are every Friday, currently 6.00 - 7.00pm.
Services are two or three times a month at the moment; about half of them are on Sunday mornings.

See here for future rehearsal service dates in the coming few months.


Being in a church choir is a responsibility. Our expectation is that you will be able to attend regularly. You need to be committed, although the exact attendance may vary from person to person. The expectation would be at least 75% of practices and services. Christmas and Easter are important periods for the choir, with a greater number of services.

the choir
The six founding members of our children’s choir in 2014


There are no membership fees or subscriptions: the choir is free to join and free to belong to.

Vocal Training

The choristers take part in the Voice for Life Training Scheme, operated by the national body for church choirs, the Royal School of Church Music, which leads to the award of choir medals on different coloured ribbons to show their level of expertise.

The course helps young people develop their vocal skills, such as breathing and tone production, as well as reading music, and their knowledge of the choral repertoire.

The training is run by the choir conductor, Fergus Black, Primary School teachers Suzanne Over and Clare Camp, and adult choir member Karen Baza. The course is like having free music lessons.

Voice for Life trainers

voice for life